Belightful Butterfly Nectar

Belightful Butterfly Nectar


Belightful Design product development team has researched and tested different nectar compounds to find the best possible recipe for nourishing butterflies. Our Belightful nectar is very comparable to the natural nectars in flowers! The pH of the nectar is on right level so it won’t go bad in the butterfly feeder. 

The Belightful Butterfly Nectar

  • 180 g (3 x 60 g) of nectar
  • Contains GMO-free butterfly food for three refills
  • Suitable for wild butterflies and moths

Instructions for use:

  1. Mix the nectar powder with 150 ml/5 fl oz of water
  2. Apply ready liquid into the butterfly feeder
  3. Make sure that the bottom part of the feeder is completely filled with nectar and that the sponge is wet. You can add water if needed. 

Once the food is mixed with water, keep it refrigerated and use within 3 days. 

Refill with nectar as often as needed. During a very hot and sunny period, you might need to do this more frequently due to evaporation. You can add a little more water, but make sure that nectar is not too diluted.

Ingredients: sucrose, glucose, fructose. Additives: citric acid, K-sorbate. Nutritional value per 100 g: Energy 1672 MJ/400 kcal • Carbohydrates 100 g • Protein 0 g • Ash 0 g • Fat 0 g • Raw fibre 0 g. 

All sugars and other components in Belightful nectars are non-GMO.

Storage at room temperature (15–25 °C/59-77 °F).

The Belightful Butterfly Oasis offers a fun way of supporting butterflies and nature!