Awards & Accreditations



Green Alley Award - applied

Green Alley Award 2017 - Applied 




Kasvu Open Winner

Going Global 2016, The best internationalization potential selected by KasvuOpen and Team Finland

Belightful Butterfly Feeder Best Sustainable Design

Best Sustainable Business Idea, Nordic Buzz, Formex 2016

1st position at Creative Business Cup Finland

1st position at Creative Business Cup Finland, international finals in Copenhagen, DK, Nov 2016

Kasvu Open Winner

1st position, Southwest Finland local competition KasvuOpen

First position Avec CD2

1st position, Avek cd2 2016

1st position Creative Business Camp 2016


Honorary Award in category ”Environmental Design”

Honorary Award in category ”Environmental Design”, London International Creative Competition, LICC

1st position, Boost Startup Journey

1st position Boost Startup Journey 2015 (Best Accelerator programme in Finland 2015)





Grant Winner For The year 2016Runar Bäckström foundation