Belightful Butterfly Oasis with Nikkotakko Necklace



An award winning Belightful Butterfly Oasis joins forces with wonderful Nikkotakko butterfly  jewelry. Nikkotakko is known for combining colors and contrasts of different cultures; the excitement of asymmetry and the absurdism and mysticism found in literature and art, and in the Nordic nature. Also butterflies have been a huge inspirations to these creative and beautiful jewelries.

You can choose from two different product options:

  1. White Belightful Butterfly Oasis with blue Nikkotakko butterfly necklace
  2. White Belightful Butterfly Oasis with orange Nikkotakko butterfly necklace

This lovely product bundle is a  perfect gift for everyone, who is fond of butterflies. And wonderful gift idea for a soon approaching Mother’s Day…

A very special, limited edition; available only as long as there is stock left.

We all love butterflies. Be a part of our journey in supporting them.



    1. Limited edition including a beautiful Nikkotakko butterfly necklace
    2. Save 20 % (List prices: Oasis 54,90 EUR, Necklace 42 EUR)
    3. Perfect gift!


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