Our Story


Belightful Design was born from a way of thinking, a positive mindset that delights and values in every moment. 

When Finnish duo Miia Liesegang and Taina Tallala founded their company it was exactly these qualities they sought to enhance in their own working lives, and compound in the endeavors of their new business partnership.

As the CEO and creative design force within Belightful, Miia has always had a fascination with nature and wildlife, especially a whimsical delight in butterflies.

Belightful Butterfly Oasis has been imagined from a desire to attract and nurture butterflies, whilst also creating a beautifully designed visual experience for our outside spaces.

Inspired by the form of falling nectar droplets Miia challenges the convention of traditional form and materials use in this genre. Belightful Butterfly Oasis re-imagines and enhances the visual language of wildlife care in the most extraordinary way.

Built on the belief that any new products should be delightful, meaningful and environmentally ethical, Miia and Taina always seek to use eco-friendly materials and processes to realise their designs.


Taina Tallala and Miia Liesegang