Belightful Sponge



Sometimes you might need to replace your feeder sponge. Belightful Sponge is especially designed to fit Belightful Butterfly Oasis and to reach up to the feeding holes on the surface. Please note: Belightful Butterfly Oasis contains one sponge inside. You'll need a new sponge only if you need to replace the original one.


  • For best results, lightly dampen the sponge with hot water on each new application of nectar to the reservoir. If the sponge is dirty, rinse it thoroughly with hot water or, if needed, replace it with a new sponge. Do not use any chemicals for cleaning, as they are not good for butterflies!

    For off-season preservation: When not using the Butterfly Oasis, wash each product part carefully with water and let them dry. Especially sponge should be let dry thoroughly, before placing inside the Oasis for storing. This way you can use your sponge from one butterfly season to another.


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