• I was eagerly waiting for butterflies to appear to my Oasis and was disappointed when they didn't show up immediately.  My wife kindly reminded me that we can not control wildlife. It took one full week and eventually on a beautiful sunny day I spotted first butterfly, Peacock Butterfly, on my Oasis.  How wonderful! It was worth all the waiting. This butterfly spent lot of time feeding from it. And then came another one!!  And I even managed to take a picture of them!

    Ilkka, Rauma, Finland

  • I bought 2 Belightful butterfly Oasis last year and popped them out with the nectar provided. The instructions were straight forward and it was very easy to set up. I had to wait a while for some nice weather but was then delighted to see red admirals making use of them. They look really nice in my garden as well as having a functional purpose.

    Wendy, Culloden, Scotland

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