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Butterfly Feeder How ToBelightful mindset is about enlivening any outside space, bringing happiness to everyday life and helping wildlife. Belightful Butterfly Oasis is designed to attract and feed butterflies. Sleek Scandinavian design is connecting the form into function. Belightful Butterfly Oasis offers a fun way of supporting butterflies and nature, as feeders are made with the environment in mind.

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    1. Twist to remove the cap of the Butterfly Oasis.
    2. Rinse the sponge thoroughly under running water and place it to the bottom part of the Oasis. Squeeze gently to extract excess water. This acts as a reservoir for the nectar. The hole in the sponge should be facing up.
    3. Mix one package of nectar powder with 150 ml/ 5 fl oz of water. You can speed up the absorption by using warm water.
    4. When nectar has been mixed, pour it slowly into the hole in the centre of the sponge (with the sponge being inside the bottom part of the feeder). Make sure to fill the bottom cup almost to the brim; up until the line marked inside the bottom cup.
    5. Close the Oasis by attaching the bottom part into the cap part of the product. The sponge remains inside the Oasis. Hold the Oasis in the upright position, so that all nectar remains inside and does not spill over to the outer surface.
    6. Hang the Butterfly Oasis in a sheltered but sunny place, preferably at the eye-line or a little higher to help spread the scent of the nectar, and also to prevent any household pets for scaring the potential butterflies away. If you place the Oasis hanging in a tree, please make sure that the hanging cord you use does not harm the tree branch.
    7. Wait and observe. Butterflies prefer fine and not too breezy weather. On sunny days you will see most activity at your Oasis. Be patient - beautiful butterflies are worth waiting for!

    Refill with nectar as often as needed. During a very hot and sunny summer period, you might need to do this more frequently due to evaporation. Mix additional nectar as described in the above point 3. and pour nectar into the hole in the sponge.


    Hand wash the Oasis with warm water when needed. You can do this, for example, with every refill. The hand wash may be enhanced with a few drops of vinegar. Rinse thoroughly. The product is not dishwasher safe.

    For best results, lightly dampen the internal feeding sponge with hot water on each new application of nectar to the reservoir. If the sponge is dirty, rinse it thoroughly with hot water or, if needed, replace it with a new sponge. Do not use any chemicals for cleaning, as they are not good for butterflies!


    When not using the the Butterfly Oasis, wash each product part carefully with water and let them dry. Especially sponge should be let dry thoroughly, before placing inside the Oasis for storing.

  • Once the food is mixed with water, keep it refrigerated and use within 7 days. We recommend using only Belightful Nectar, which is designed for this product. Other ready-nectars and self-made butterfly food should only be used at one’s own risk. We will not take any responsibility for damaged products, when using other than Belighftul Nectar.

    Please note that butterflies might need some time to adjust to your new feeding set-up and it may take a while before butterflies find your Oasis. Also note that not every butterfly species visit human-made feeders. However, there are many of the common species which will do so, for example Admiral, European Peacock, Camberwell beauty.

    You can use butterfly friendly flowers and plants in your outside spaces, in planters or in beds to improve the effect and developing a butterfly friendly environment.

    TIPS of use:

    Sometimes also ants get interested in the Oasis. Prevent ants accessing to Oasis with an ready ant moat or by treating hanging string with some cooking oil.


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