Butterfly effect

The first butterfly - summer says hello!

Do you remember the joy as a child when you saw the first butterfly of the spring? It was almost always yellow: Lemon butterflies arrive to bring the hope of warmth same time when the first shy coltsfoot are opening their buds. 

The Butterfly Oasis brings a promise to a longing sun’s child that light will prevail. It reminds us by its mere existence that somewhere under the snow the bringers of the summer are waiting - caterpillars in their cases.

Helpers of the gardener

There’s no fruit if there’s no pollination of the plant. Without the pollination the seeds that enable the blooming of life will never be born. 

The continued loss of pollinators is raising the concerns of environmental biologist. These little helpers of plants are crucial for us and for the nature - we cannot survive without them. When you offer a sheltered place to feed for butterflies, you will maintain the diversity of your local environment. Butterflies will thank you by increasing the yield of your garden plants. 

Stop for a second and be enchanted

Follow the butterfly: flapping wings and the dazzling colors will call to you. Nature asks you to be present, forget your daily choirs and to-do lists. The power of these beautiful and calming moments will make the storms sail away. 

Breath. Be enchanted. This moment is for you.

Take your family for an adventure in the Nature!

Do you know the feeling at home when everyone’s there but we’re all alone? Someone is playing with their computer, one is watching TV and another playing Minecraft with his smartphone. Watching the Butterly Oasis offers a joyful time spent together with the whole family. Get in touch with nature and develop the understanding of beauty of the life. 

When a child starts to observe nature, his curiosity gets fed, hunger for knowledge increases and he structures his understanding as being part of nature. Identifying different species of butterflies and keeping a journal can be the start for a life long passion. 

Every science superhero was a child once!

Help I have bugs

Horseflies, mosquitos, ticks, deer flies….summers are filled with intimidating buzz, stinging experiences and super itchy swellings. Belightful Butterfly Oasis does not attract any unwanted insects, which love to feed on humans or pets. 

Butterfly Nectar draws the attention of insects that have an affinity to flowers. Due to its unique composition mostly butterflies can only feed on the Nectar. 

Children and grown ups with a bug phobia, get reminded with butterflies that not all insects are nuisances. Beside their gazing beauty, butterflies have an important job as pollinators - they help blooming plants to multiply. 

We can say with a good conscious that butterflies and other pollinators are carrying the whole eco-system on their delicate shoulders. By looking after butterflies you’re looking after the whole environment.