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Belightful Butterfly Oasis



Stop for a second and be enchanted

Follow the butterfly: flattering wings and the dazzling colors will call to you. Nature asks you to be present, forget your daily choirs and to-do lists. The power of these beautiful and calming moments will make the storms sail away. 

The Belightful Butterfly Oasis can be placed anywhere in a sunny place outdoors: on a balcony, garden or patio. Butterflies can smell the nectar from far away. The Butterfly Oasis supports butterflies by providing an alternative source of food.

We all love butterflies. Be a part of our journey in supporting them.


    1. Best season to feed butterflies in Europe is in summer-early autumn (July- September) 
    2. Benefits especially at the beginning and at the end of the season
    3. Butterflies are pollinators and they can help your garden bloom
    4. The colours were chosen based on butterfly preferences

    An award-winning Scandinavian design

    1. Made in Finland, EU
    2. Eco-friendly, recyclable material
    3. Clean and easy user experience
    4. Designed for butterflies only, most other insects can not feed from it

     Eco Material Gift of the Year Butterfly Friendly



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