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Belightful Design is an ecological design company focused on wildlife feeder products for outdoors. Our first product is an award winning butterfly feeder, which is attracting butterflies to your garden. Product family will expand later.


Belightful Butterfly Oasis is attracting butterflies to feed from it. We supply the nectar, which you fill inside the oasis. Butterflies can smell the nectar from far away, and also colors of the feeders are chosen based on butterfly preferences. You place the feeder outdoors; on a terrace or on a balcony.
Feeding birds might be more common, but also butterflies need our help! In fact, world’s butterfly population keeps decreasing due to narrowed habitat and challenging environmental conditions. Belightful Butterfly Oasis provides an alternative source of food for butterflies. Butterflies are major pollinators, and supporting them plays an important role in supporting biodiversity. In addition, we get to stop for a minute and experience happy little moments in our busy lives, watching butterflies feed. 

We all love butterflies. Be a part of our journey in supporting them.

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