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Belightful Butterfly Oasis
Belightful Butterfly Oasis
Belightful Butterfly Oasis
Belightful Butterfly Oasis

Belightful Butterfly Oasis


Feeding butterflies made easy!

  • The Belightful Butterfly Oasis can be placed anywhere in a sunny place outdoors: on a balcony, garden or patio
  • Supports butterflies by providing an alternative source of food
  • Butterflies can smell the nectar from far away
  • Benefits especially at the beginning and at the end of the season
  • Butterflies are pollinators and they can help your garden bloom

An award-winning Scandinavian design

  • Eco-friendly, recyclable material
  • Clean and easy user experience
  • Colours were chosen based on butterfly preferences
  • Designed for butterflies only, most other insects can not feed from it
The price includes:
  • The Belightful Butterfly Oasis (butterfly feeder) in a chosen colour (Yellow, Pink or Lilac)
  • The Belightful Butterfly Nectar for one fill (GMO-free butterfly food)

The dimensions of the butterfly feeder are: height 30 cm, diameter 10 cm, weight 200 g (without nectar).

  • Your butterfly feeder and nectar will be delivered to you from Finland as a standard shipping. 
  • Shipping rates start at 6,00 €.
  • We are currently shipping to EU-countries, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan.
    Belightful Butterfly Oasis brings happiness to your garden! We all love butterflies. Be a part of our journey in supporting them.
    Order Belightful Butterfly Nectar Refill here