You are not only purchasing a product, you are also buying an experience

You are not only purchasing a product, you are also buying an experience
Let’s admit it; we are all aware of the fact that our consumption habits are unsustainable, and harmful for the environment. Although it is highly acknowledged, people choose to set the facts aside and consume constantly more. It’s not just us as individuals, but the consumer culture as a whole, that encourages us to continually seek happiness and build our identities through products.

Since the price is an essential factor when consumers consider different options, manufacturers are forced to produce their products as cheap as possible. This is problematic since the producers can’t pay attention to the impact, that the production has on environment and society.

Consumption is central to the functioning of society, but as the standard of living rises, it’s more and more critical to strive for responsibility in our consuming habits.

In developed countries, our needs are already mostly fulfilled, and now we are focusing on our desires. The problem is that our desires redirect constantly, and thus they are impossible to fulfil. Instead of material well-being, we should concentrate on post-material values in our consumption, such as mental well-being, nature’s well-being and the value of experiences.

We want these values to be underlined with the product we have launched. We want to offer people an opportunity to treat themselves without the feeling of guilt. We want to provide aesthetics, that is biodegradable and recyclable. And especially we want to provide an experience that strengthens your relationship with nature.

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