What is Belightful Butterfly Oasis made of?

What is Belightful Butterfly Oasis made of?


We really want to share the story of the material with you because it’s a very interesting one. The Belightful Butterfly Oasis is made of bio-based and biodegradable plastic which means that the product is considerably more environmentally friendly than the traditional oil based plastics. The material is very durable but if one ever should dispose the product, it can be recycled effectively.

The bio-based plastic of the Belightful Butterfly Oasis is produced by our partner, Arctic Biomaterials Oy. They are a Finnish company developing and manufacturing bio-based materials in Tampere.

Digging a bit deeper into details

The bio-based plastic of the Belightful Butterfly Oasis is mainly made of polylactic acid which in turn is made up of lactic acid. This polylactic acid is primarily derived from renewable sources. In this case it means plant sugars from corn. This way greenhouse gasses, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, is actually captured, used and manufactured into a material for new plastic products. The production of polylactic acid results in less greenhouse gas emissions than oil-based plastics. It also uses less non-renewable energy.

This kind of bio-based plastic is a choice to fight global warming. There will be more to learn as the technology is developed even further: we expect to see more effective ways to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

In addition to the environment-friendly production there are a few other reasons not to worry about the material of the Belightful Butterfly Oasis.

  • It will be durable in normal outdoor use.
  • Freezing outdoor weather will not harm the plastic.
  • The color will not fade in the sunlight.
  • The plastic can be washed with washing liquid.
  • The material of the Belightful Butterfly Oasis will not release any poisonous or harmful chemicals.

As described above, the material can be recycled. This means industrial composting which results in, for example, reusing the material as an ingredient for fertilisers. This way it returns back to the nature. Of course, the material can also be treated as combustible household waste.

The bio-based material will let you worry less and enjoy nature more!


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