Watching butterflies, observing nature

Butterfly watching is comparatively popular hobby in Finland, and has lately also attracted women and younger generation to participate. Digital cameras have also come along and instead of conventional method, which is deadly for butterflies, more and more people practice the hobby through photographing. Thanks to a large group of enthusiasts and several major scientists, our knowledge of butterflies is one of the most qualified in the world and versatility of butterfly species in Finland is considered to be one of the best known in the world. This would not be possible without a large and active group of enthusiasts, who will provide reliable information of our butterfly population and its changes.

In 1999 Finnish Environmental Institute started to build a network in the southern Finland, which allowed the monitoring of butterflies. Reporting of findings is important, since the analyzing of population allows for understanding what kind of circumstances are a threat and which ones are beneficial for butterfly population.

The hobby is easy to start. You will need binoculars and optionally resort to a field guide. If you choose to practice observation through photographing, you can either use camera or a smartphone. Living in an apartment house is not a problem, since butterflies will find their way even up to 6th floor. The most important things you will need are curiosity and sharp eyes.








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