Bring nature closer

Nature offers aesthetics for our backyards, especially in summer. A pavement covered with concrete can provide practicality, but the therapeutic effect provided by nature is also very appreciated. Generally, people tend to shape natural aesthetics to their liking: lawns are cut smoothly, hedges are trimmed and flowers are planted in clean rows. However, living beings are in a rather isolated position in the midst of human settlements.​

Although, for example, birdfeeders offer a pleasant natural experience, the diversity of species and possibility to observe them is seldom taken into account. Living beings can enhance our gardens while we can provide them food and enjoyment. Our company's goal is to revive backyards and gardens. Watching butterflies is a great fun for example during summer's barbecue sessions, and it also provides a learning experience for the little ones.


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Stop for a second and be enchanted

Imagine this: it's a fresh summer morning and you're having a cup of good coffee or a glass of apple juice with a good friend. You're sitting at your patio, surrounded by nature and looking at the butterflies, which are slowly flying around you.

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Watching butterflies, observing nature

Butterfly watching is comparatively popular hobby in Finland, and has lately also attracted women and younger generation to participate. Digital cameras have also come along and instead of conventional method, which is deadly for butterflies, more and more people practice the hobby through photographing. 

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Helpers of the gardener

 The continued loss of butterflies is raising the concerns of environmental biologists. These little helpers of plants are crucial for us and for the nature - we cannot survive without them.

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